This short film reminds us that we have the gift of choice when it comes to the most difficult times in our professional lives. "It's not a pink slip, it's a blank page".

I recall actually getting my "dream agency job" years ago. I was laid-off with seven others after only six short months, it was very difficult, but it toughened me up a bit, and and allowed me to spend many months with my newborn son. I would not change it if I could. The bank account took a beating, but those moments with my wife and son were priceless. This film address the current state of several, laid-off individuals who recognized there was a deeper, more enriching life waiting for them. Imagine if all the pink-slippers that walk amongst our family and friends actually made the choice to do what they loved and were passionate about? I know there are mouths to feed ... but as the old adage goes, do what you love and the money will follow. This film is 30 minutes long, please pass it on to all of your friends and family who are right at the cusp of doing the great, fulfilling things they were meant to do. Oh, and if they just got a pink slip, you may want to wait a while.